How It Works

Your Pathway to Investment Success

At IVYBRICKS CAPITAL, our process is simple and straightforward, making it accessible, transparent, and rewarding. Here are the easy steps to start a successful investment with us:

Step 1

Contact Us

Submit your interest on our website and complete a short questionnaire to verify your eligibility as an investor.

Step 2

Book a Call

Book a call with our Investment Advisor to discuss our current and upcoming projects and select the investment that matches your criteria and preferences. Tailor your investment to match your risk appetite and return expectations.

Step 3


Receive monthly or per-project interest payments as per your loan agreement.  have funds ACH deposited directly to your IRA or desired bank account.  

Step 4


Choose the amount you want to invest and sign the loan agreement electronically. Then, fund your investment using your bank wire or self-directed IRA directly to the title company or attorney handling the transaction. At no point are we holding investment funds directly prior to any acquisition.

Step 5


As your investment matures and yields returns, enjoy the benefits of compounding returns by reinvesting your earnings in new projects and/or increasing your investment amount. We will always have new projects needing funding partners.

Investment Opportunities

If you are looking for a way to earn steady and passive income from real estate without dealing with the hassles and headaches of owning and managing properties, consider investing through our secured private lending. Our private lending opportunities are the perfect investment vehicles for steady profit potential. By investing, you can enjoy the following advantages:

High returns

Our investments offer attractive returns that are higher than the average market rate. Depending on the project and the loan, they typically pay between 8% and 12% annual interest. Some of our projects can earn a CAC return of up to 15%.  Our returns are also consistent and predictable, as they are secured by the underlying real estate assets. Our projects also have low volatility and a low correlation with the stock market, which means they are less affected by market fluctuations and economic downturns.

Low risk

Our low risk investment strategy prioritizes capital preservation and stability by secured mortgages backed by undervalued real estate assets. Thus, we create strong collateral and minimize risk.

Passive income

Providing private lending funds for our projects allows for passive income to our investors, as they do not have to do any work or management involved in the lending process. We handle everything from sourcing, screening, closing, and disposition of assets to collecting rent payments and distributing profits. All you have to do is invest your money and receive monthly or quarterly interest payments. You can also reinvest your earnings into the next project to compound your returns and grow your wealth.